Worship takes place on a Sunday morning at 10:15am (except for the third Sunday of the month when we hold Café Church) and services last around an hour. Services are led by our minister or visiting preachers (lay or ordained), and at least once a year the services are led by the young people of the church. There used to be a time when you could go into almost any Methodist Church and you would be pretty confident about the style and content of the worship you would find there. That is no longer the case – and our worship experience is richer because of it. Our worship varies – most Sundays it usually takes the form of a traditional service, with hymns, prayers and sermon.  The young people leave part way through the service to have their own special time to talk and learn about the teachings of Jesus and stories from the Bible. Holy Communion is held during our services, approximately once a month.  Everyone who would like to share in Communion is invited to join us – you don’t need to be a member of the Methodist Church, you don’t need to be a member of another church, nor do you need to be over a particular age!  We realise that not everyone feels comfortable sharing in Communion – the choice is yours to make and you are equally welcome to remain in your seat through this part of your service. We welcome everyone to all of our services, regardless of age.  We don’t mind noise from little ones, or children who can’t sit still – they just go to show that the church is full of life, just as it should be. After the service we invite everyone to join with us for tea / coffee / juice and, of course, biscuits.  This gives us time to chat to each other in a friendly an informal setting. We do hold a small number of evening / afternoon services throughout the year, but these tend to be held in conjunction with other churches in our Methodist circuit and take place at the various churches. We’re not just here on a Sunday though!  Take a look at the Activities page to see what else we do.


Key: (S): Communion,  (P): Parade Services,  (AAW):  All Age Worship



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