The Cornerstone Film Club is run by West Derby Methodist in The Cornerstone Centre, Eaton Road North and operates during school holidays.

It is aimed at children and their families and is open to the community, not just church members.

We show U and PG rated films on a 12’ by 9’ screen in an attempt to re-create a movie experience!

We stipulate that children under 8 are accompanied by an adult (this is in line with cinema regulations).

Admission is free (although donations are always welcome to our running costs).

You can bring your own drinks and goodies!

Doors open at 6:20pm and the film starts at 6:30pm.  We’d love to see you there!

Date of next film club:

To be announced

We are unable to publish on the web site the film being shown (due to licensing), for further details please contact Alison: