The Parlour

“The Parlour” is mentioned numerous times on our web site, since it is an area of the church used for many of our activities and meetings.

“The Parlour” is the name given to the area at the rear of the church building – no-one is quite sure how it came by that name, perhaps it is because the definitions of the word ‘parlour’ are a room in a public building for receiving guests or a room that is set aside for conversation.

Simple Wikipedia states “The parlour is a room in a house where people could meet”, and when the area was modernised in 2011, the name was kept.

The Parlour is a meeting place not only for West Derby Methodist Church, but also for other churches and is used by support groups and charities.

Available to hire, it has accessible toilets, facilities to make hot and cold drinks, tables and chairs and a drop-down projector screen.